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RIZE  UP is a private collaborative and strategic crowdfunding platform with the purpose of assisting our members with boosting their income, funding their businesses, recovering from crises,  and providing a path the wealth generation.


The goal is to come together to support one another's businesses, goals, and lifestyle dreams through collaborative crowdfunding.


Participation in the RIZE UP crowdfunding platform is exclusive to RIZE members. RIZE UP was engineered to work with a small group of dedicated members to help them achieve repeated.


RIZE UP is only for savvy entrepreneurs and professionals who understand the benefits of collaborative networking for a common goal. 


If you are interested in joining the RIZE UP crowdfunding platform please start by watching the full presentations and reviewing the FAQ below.


If you are ready to join simply click JOIN at the bottom of the page.


We look forward to connecting with you.


If you're interested in the RIZE group and our opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs, please click below to watch our full 45-minute pre-launch presentation. 


If you're ready to join RIZE just click the link below to get started.

Please be sure to read carefully and follow each step.

Welcome to RIZE!


Why should I join RIZE?

  • RIZE has a full operations team with 20 Years of multi-million-dollar business and finance expertise. We are confident that we have created a sustainable network through creating unique features specific to the RIZE. RIZE also has a vision for financial education, economic empowerment, and business networking. Please attend a presentation session for more info.

  • What’s my first step?

  • Attend one of the information sessions to ensure RIZE is right for you. Presentations will Interested parties will then fill out the sign up form to join the RIZE .Next, you will receive a link to pay membership fee will be sent. Once membership fee is paid you will gain access to the RIZE collective gifting community as well as the additional resources that are unique to RIZE.


  • Do I have to pay a membership fee?

  • Yes, all members have to pay a monthly membership fee of $149 due by midnight of your monthly anniversary date. If membership fees are not paid, you will be removed from the network and will forfeit any remaining spots in the gifting process


  • What is the membership fee for?


  • RIZE is a registered business that has a website and private gifting app. Additionally, RIZE has a full operations team comprised of legal, accounting, admins, and tech support team members dedicated to ensure the longevity of this network. Membership fees was designed to sustain the platform, team members, resources, and networking. 

  • How do I take advantage of the RIZE crowdfunding platform?


  • After completing all steps listed under “What’s my first step”, your final step is simply to gift the current board being presented on the network which earns you a spot.

  • When I see RIZE power board, what does that go to?


  • The RIZE board was created to support our members in gifting, RIZE will use this                 money to infuse the contributions to clear power boards in each level. This will ensure there is a continuous cycling of boards, and prevent stalls or the need to keep recruiting. This will ensure longevity of the RIZE network.


How is the gifting payout list created?

  • The gifting payout list is created based on the order of gifting.


Do I have to refer people to the RIZE team?

  • No, however, if you choose to refer three individuals who join the team and qualify. RIZE will gift you $500 cash just to say thank you.


How does the three-level collaborative gifting circle work?

  • Lvl 1: $500 in = $2500 out. Regift $500 to lvl 1 to gift other and boost the network.

  • Lvl 2: $1500 in = $7500 out. Once you are gifted, Boost the network by gifting $500 to lvl 1 to ensure continuous movement of boards and pay $3500 to gain entry to lvl 3.

  • Lvl 3: $3500 in = $17500 out. Boost the network by gifting $500 to lvl 1 to ensure continuous movement of boards.

  • Enjoy your income and repeat the process.


  • Do I have to go through all three levels? What if I want to stop at level one?

  • The three-level collective gifting cycle was created to get a large payout, at a minimum buy-in amount. Members will earn $21k after going through all three cycles. RIZE collective gifting cycle was also strategically created to ensure a continuous flow of money to prevent stalls at all levels.  Members who do not regift or cycle up into the next board before completing a full process, will be removed from the collective and will forfeit any remaining spots in the gifting process.

  • What does “boost the network” in levels 2 and 3 mean, and is it mandatory?

  • Boost was created to ensure continuous movement of lvl 1 which feeds into lvls 2 and 3. All was created for continuous movement and sustained longevity of the network.

  • Can I purchase multiple power boards?

  • Yes, RIZE members are able to purchase unlimited spots in the gifting cycle.


  • How do I submit and receive my gifts?


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